with Becky Lees (MCSP MACP M.Sc HPC) 

I qualified in 1997 from Manchester School of
Physiotherapy.  Continual training has been a large
part of my work as medical advancements occur all
the time. I achieved a distinction in Neuro-
musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Masters in 2003 from
the prestigious University College London. I have
worked both in highly successful private London clinics
and for the NHS as a Clinical Specialist and Orthopaedic
physiotherapy Practitioner. I have taught and lectured.

I will use a highly complex and diverse set of techniques
and treatments that enable assessment, diagnosis,
treatment and resolution of physical dysfunctions. Once
the cause of your issues are identified, not just your
symptoms, we work together to resolve and correct the

I am fully qualified in acupuncture and clinical pilates.
I treat all joint, muscular and spinal problems. Post
operative rehabilitation, joint replacements, and back
surgeries, conditions such as Osteoporosis,
Osteoarthritis and Rheumatologic issues are all
dealt with.

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07941 224888

Advanced Sports Therapy
with Adam Broadhead

I've trained in a variety of soft tissue and body work
techniques to ensure I can get the best out of my clients.
What you will receive in sessions with me is a personal,
bespoke course of treatments designed to get you and
your body to your best.

I work holistically, treating the whole body and not just
focussing on the point of pain or concern and will use the
right technique for you at that time. I've a passion for
developing people and promoting personal growth,
putting this philosophy into practice in my treatments.

I believe that the mind and body are firmly entwined
and bring this approach into my therapies:  Treating
and working with the mind-set and motivation of the
individual alongside physical therapies.

Whatever your ailment or particular target I have a
variety of treatments that I can call upon to help you. 
I work with the soft tissue and also bring in exercise
therapy, breathing, mindfulness & meditation. I'm
trained in medical acupuncture which is also offered
in treatments which is great for pain relief and to
unlock more potential in your body and also in tool
assisted treatments for ROM.

• Posture • Sports Injury • Athletic Goals •
Back Pain
Myofascial Release • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Fibromylagia • Lymphatic Drainage • Fallen Arches
• Temporomandibular disorder •

Non-Surgical Face Lift
I offer a set of treatments working with the soft tissue
of the head, face and neck to provide re-alignment the
cheek bones and nose and relaxation of the head, neck
and shoulders all though soft manipulation of the tissues.
Great for a cosmetic face-lift alternative, jaw alignment
or just to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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07739 352636
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