Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
with Justine Asghar

MLD is designed to improve the functioning of the
lymphatic system. This is achieved through gentle
rhythmical movements of the skin which stimulates
the lymphatic vessels.

MLD is used to:
~ Clear the skin
~ Alleviates fluid congestion and fluid retention due
    to premenstrual syndrome
~ Promote the healing of wounds and burns and can
    improve the appearance   & texture of scars
~ Aid healing post and pre-surgery
~ Detox & cleanse the body
~ Treat Lymphoedema
~ Treat Lipoedema
~ Treat cellulite
~ Cosmetic surgery aftercare

I am fully trained & belong to MLD UK, the official
body representing MLD therapists.
I am fully qualified to treat pathologies such as
Lymphoedema & venous insufficiency. MLD is a
medical treatment which is profoundly relaxing
& promotes wellbeing.

For further information or to book a consultation please contact
07889 357227
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with Tiffani Lewsley (MFHT)

Massage can provide so many wide ranging benefits
for many different people and simultaneously it can
provide a relaxing respite from the stresses and strains
we can experience on a daily basis in this busy world. 

As a qualified therapist in body massage with very
happy clients; I am passionate that everybody has
the opportunity for rejuvenation by providing a
massage that is appropriate to individual needs.

Whether you are having trouble with aches and pains,
finding peace of mind or just looking for an hour of
blissful peace then please get in touch to book a
consultation and treatment'

For further information or to book a consultation please contact
07947 228 348
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