Fertility and Pregnancy Care with Precious Health

At Precious Health we can offer many therapies that support optimum fertility and a healthy pregnancy. We also work alongside one of the UK’s leading experts in reproductive health, consultant gynaecologist Mr Luciano Nardo, from The Reproductive Health Group.

A good diet is important at any time but especially so when planning a pregnancy or experiencing problems with sub fertility. For many couples, improving the diet can correct underlying nutritional deficiencies, improve digestion and bring real health benefits.

A nutritionally balanced diet can help support reproductive health and prevent hormone imbalances. This can in turn help maintain regular ovulation and menstruation, increasing your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.  In men a poor diet can inhibit sperm function and cause sperm to be of sub optimal quality.

A diet which is rich in antioxidants is important for both male and female fertility. Vitamins C and E are both antioxidants and have been shown to improve sperm count and motility. The minerals zinc and selenium have also been found to be beneficial. Zinc deficiencies have been linked to an increased risk of miscarriage in women, reduced sperm volumes in men and to possible chromosome changes in either partner.

In women, being either underweight or overweight can affect your chances of a becoming pregnant by interfering with ovulation.  A tailored weight loss or weight gain plan can be the best way to achieve this.

Research shows that what you eat during pregnancy can have a profound effect, not only on how healthy a pregnancy you have, but on the health and development of your baby.

If you would like more information about the most appropriate diet for your individual needs or to prepare your body for pregnancy please contact Celia Cooper, Nutritional Therapist on 07909 117554.

Acupuncture has been proven to help with fertility problems from regulating ovulation and hormone levels to improving low sperm count and quality and is one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine used today. Research has shown specifically that acupuncture increases the amount of beta-endorphins flowing through the body. Beta-endorphins are feel-good hormones that help lessen pain.

According to the preliminary research, acupuncture may help with the below:
•    Improve pregnancy rates during IVF treatment cycles, when acupuncture takes place on the day of embryo transfer
•    Increased blood flow to the uterus, leading to an improved endometrial lining
•    Reduced stress and anxiety levels

Many women choose Acupuncture treatment to complement conventional treatment when a functional problem is the cause of subfertility, specifically when endometriosis, ovulation problems, hormonal imbalances or irregular periods are the reason for not conceiving.
Men may also use Acupuncture to help improve low sperm count or poor motility and morphology as well as bringing the body into balance, increasing energy levels or helping overcome addictions such as smoking.

Acupuncture & IVF
Acupuncture has been proven to be effective when used in conjunction with assisted reproductive technique procedures such as IVF and may increase the chances of a positive pregnancy. Current research shows that women having acupuncture treatment around embryo transfer had a substantially higher chance of conceiving than those who did not have acupuncture (Manheimer E).

Acupuncture & pregnancy
Acupuncture has been proven to be effective for nausea (morning sickness) during pregnancy as well as pelvic pain. Treatment can also be effective for helping prevent anxiety and insomnia in the stressful first trimester, especially if there is a history of previous miscarriage. Later on, acupuncture can help with ‘turning’ breech presentation as well as promoting a natural labour. Acupuncture can also help women rebalance their hormones and energy levels and help with post-natal depression or illness after childbirth.

Precious Health have a number of acupuncturists specially trained in this field of acupuncture please contact them directly or contact Celia on 07909 117554 for their details.
Fertility Reflexology
Reflexology treatments for treating women's problems including PMT, heavy or irregular periods and fertility problems. According to research there is evidence to suggest that women with high levels of a stress hormone can stop ovulating and are therefore unable or less likely to conceive.

Patients have reported feeling more positive, relaxed, with improved sleep and better menstrual cycles within a course of treatments. Bringing the body into a state of balance, the body's systems work to their optimum and reducing stress levels may help the body's chance of conceiving. The treatment focuses on balancing the endocrine system, reducing stress, reducing tightness of pelvic muscles and cleansing the large intestine and liver.

Reflexology can be used before IVF treatment to help relax and prepare the body for embryo transfer. Stress may also play a huge factor in the success of assisted conception treatments such as IVF according to a study in Fertility and Sterility (2005).

If you would like more information about our reflexology treatments at Precious Health please contact Celia on 07909 117554.