Electrolygist and Beauty Therapist  
with Liz Holman 

I have been in the Beauty industry for over 
15 years 
providing all beauty treats and have 
always had a 
real passion for electrolysis. U
nwanted hair can be 
very embarrassing 
and affects over 80% of women.  
is the only proven permanent method of 
removal, which is extremely rewarding when
he results come.

II am registered with the British Institute and 
Association of Electrolysis, where a rigorous test of 
skill and theory is sat to pass at a very high level and 
CPD is updated to ensure my skills are the best. 

I also offer Advanced Cosmetic Procedures, 
and reduction of unwanted skin 
blemishes. Milia, 
Red vein, cambel de morgan 
pots, warts, skin tags, 
moles and many more. 
Alternative hair removal, 
waxing, it may not be 
permanent but is still extremely 
effective especially 
if maintained on a regular basis.  
I use the warm 
wax method where hair is removed in 
a matter of 
minutes with little discomfort and smooth, 

For further information or to book a consultation please contact
07894 568523 
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